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KOKUYO Karu-Cut Clip

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Fiddling with your washi tape and bulky scissors stops here. This cutter clip has small fine blades that promote safe and efficient strip cutting, almost as if you snipped it with your best scissors. Just slide the clip over your favorite roll of washi tape. Each strip you pull is then evenly cut, while the roll is held firmly in place thanks to an interior mechanism activated by your own thumb pressure. Using this crafty helper on different washi rolls is a breeze since it’s engineered to clamp around, just pinch the ends and remove.

Choose from 10-15mm OR 20-25mm length clips. Sold individually.

  • Made of plastic and stainless steel
  • Measures 0.7" x 1.6" (17.78mm x 40.64mm)
  • Blade Measures 0.8" (20.32mm)

Please note that this item has a sharp blade and some children may require supervision when using it.

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