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Snacks Prints by Maddy Conover

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A risograph print from Philly artist and pal Maddy Connover. Choose from Asian Snack, Salty Snack, or Fruity Snack themed prints, all delicious and nutritious. 

Salty Snacks: Goldfish, Choco Pie, Flamin Hot Cheetos, Dunkaroos, & a Ring Pop for you and yours
Fruit Snack: Juicy juice, lemon juice, oj, fruit punch, and lychee juice
Asian Snacks: Sriracha, Kewpie, Kikkoman, Pocky, & a lil fortune cookie for good luck  

  • 3 color risograph printed on 80 lb speckletone french paper. 
  • Printed in Richmond, VA.


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