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Blackwing Pencil Extender

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Breathe new life into those nubs you've been saving with the Blackwing Pencil Extender. The simple design allows the extender to slide into the clip of the existing Blackwing ferrule and will work with any Blackwing pencil model. Each extender is made with machined aluminum and features a firm rubber tip to ensure a snug fit. An easy way to prolong the lifespan of your Blackwings.

How to Use:

  1. Remove the eraser from your Blackwing pencil.
  2. Insert the wide end of the Blackwing Pencil Extender into the clip and reinsert the clip into the ferrule.
  3. Enjoy your extended Blackwing pencil!

Claimed by some to be the best pencil in the world, Blackwings are famous for the quality of graphite, iconic shape, replaceable eraser, and the people whose works they’ve inspired throughout the years. They remain well-loved gifting pencils as well as necessary tools of the trade for our creative customers.

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