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Sailor Hocoro Dip Pen Nibs

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These are the nibs for the Hocoro Dip Pen—pair it with the ink reservoir and barrel of your choice (sold separately) to customize your own fountain dip pen. Each nib features a heart-shaped breather hole and the classic SAILOR anchor logo. Use them to write letters, draw illustrations, or practice your penmanship. 

Choose from five nibs. 

F: A fine nib with a controlled inkflow for precise writing and detail work. 

M: A medium nib that's ideal for everyday writing.

1mm: A square italic nib that ensures smooth inkflow, ideal for illustrations or calligraphy work. 

2mm: A bold, thick stroke ideal for calligraphy work or showcasing ink colors. Comes with an additional reservoir to allow more ink capacity. 

Fude: This is a "brush style" nib with a curved, slightly flat tip. Commonly used for artistic pursuits, this is the nib you'll want to use for bold calligraphy projects or swatching inks. Comes with an additional reservoir to allow more ink capacity. 

The Hocoro Dip Pen is easy to put together: just insert the nib of your choice into the barrel, pressing until you hear that tell-tale click. The customizable format allows you to replace a damaged nib or switch out nib styles as you prefer. 

Please note: F, M, and 1mm nibs do not include a reservoir, these are sold separately. 

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