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Midori Kimagure Letter Collection Polar Bear

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Kimagure means "on a whim" and that's how you may end up with these polar bear letterset and envelopes. Send an handwritten letter to a friend on a whim—they'll surely appreciate it.

The letterpad includes a line rule guide near the back for neat handwriting—simply lay a sheet over top the guide and the line rule will show through. The soft paper makes an excellent surface for rollerball and fountain pens, through it's also perfectly satisfying for ball point pens.

Envelopes and letterpad sold separately. 


  • Envelopes
    • 8 envelopes 
    • Envelopes measure 6" x 3.8"
  • Letterpad
    • 24 sheets 
    • Japanese B6 size | 5.06" x 7.16" (128 x 182mm)
    • Line rule guide included
  • Made in Japan