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Kaweco Spare Nib Premium Black Steel 060

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This stainless steel fountain pen nib from Kaweco is compatible with the brand's AL Sport, Liliput, and Student fountain pens. Choose from Fine, Medium, or Broad tips to customize your perfect pen. The sleek black rhodium coated nib looks especially chic with a matching black fountain pen. 

  • Fine: A thin, satisfyingly sharp line, suitable for people with compact writing styles.
  • Medium: The universal standard size, neither too bold nor too thin.
  • Broad: A smooth, bold line, perfect for showcasing your inks.

Each nib sold separately.

Compatible with Kaweco's AL Sport Series Fountain Pens, Student Fountain Pens, and Liliput Series Fountain Pens. Please make sure you are purchasing the appropriate nib for your desired pen and exercise caution when changing the nib as some pens may experience breakage when paired with an incompatible nib.

To change the nib: Unscrew the barrel from the nib and remove the ink cartridge. Use your fingertips to grip the top of the old nib and the feed of your pen. Carefully pull the nib out, slowly and not forcefully. Take your replacement nib and insert it into the pen's grip section. Do not hold the nib by its sides, as this action can damage the nib. Alternatively, follow this instructional video from Kaweco. 

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