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Lemnos Riki Steel Clock White

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Precision is at the heart of every quartz clock: their steady rhythm and slim needles convey efficiency and focus. Originally designed in 1977, the Riki Steel Clock takes its inspiration from small personal clocks, reimagining what these would look like as larger wall time pieces.

RIKI WATANABE established Japan’s first design office, the RIKI WATANABE Design Office, in 1949, and became known for designing the interior decor at the Keio Plaza Hotel, and the Prince Hotel. After designing the Hibiya Pole Clock in Tokyo's Hibiya district, Watanabe turned his attention to clocks and watches, discovering a lifelong fascination with timekeeping devices. He has been the premier designer of public space clocks in Japan since the 1970s.


  • A black and white colorway
  • Made from steel, ABS resin, and glass
  • Measures 8" diameter x 2.4" depth ( φ204 × d60mm)
  • Sweep second 
  • Made in Japan

Lemnos is a Japanese time-keeping brand that regularly collaborates with acclaimed designers and craftsmen. Humans glance at the clock countless times a day; Lemnos clocks make keeping track of the time a pleasure. Lemnos products are underpinned by craftsmen's refined skills to bring out the best of the natural material. The result is enduring, universal design that withstands the passage of time.

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