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Limited Edition

KOKUYO Campus LE B5 Notebook 4-Pack Animals

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  • Limited edition animal-themed notebook pack
  • Set of 4
  • 5mm grid rule
  • Lay-flat binding
  • 30 sheets per book, 35 lines per page
  • 9.9" x 7" (252 x 179mm), Semi B5 size

KOKUYO's Campus notebook is famous for its durability, functionality, and great paper quality.

Cover: Campus Note's recognizeable cover format features space to write a main topic title, along with index topics (once notebook is full), and the user's name.

Spine & Binding: This notebook lays flat. Pages don't fall out even when sheets are torn out. The spine uses a specially laminated cloth that is resistant to tearing and fraying, and stays in great shape until the notebook is full. It also uses a light color so that you can clearly write on the spine for cataloging (ballpoint pen recommended).

Productive Format: Campus Notebooks utilize subtle marks on each page, making it easy to draw clean divisions when needed. 

Paper Quality: In order to improve the writing comfort and bleeding resistance with writing tools, Campus notebooks use "forest certified paper" made from properly managed forest pulp. In addition, while minimizing the amount of pulp used, quality such as paper opacity and surface smoothness is controlled to strict standards to achieve ease of writing.

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