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PLOTTER Refill Memo Pad 2mm Grid Mini Size

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The subtle 2mm grid Refill Memo Pad is perfect for creatives who want to draw graphs and tables or use it as a free ideation space. It is made of PLOTTER original refill paper that is thin but strong and tear-resistant. You can enjoy a variety of writing tools such as pens or fountain pen inks on this paper without feathering and bleed-through.

Comfortable and Well-Designed.

This Refill Memo Pad is made of PLOTTER’s original refill paper called DP Paper. The paper is a light cream color that is gentle on the eyes and has a luxurious feel. Each page has a rounded corner design to maintain paper durability, with a date field to record the date of use.

Use It as a Notebook.

PLOTTER Refill Memo Pads are designed to be used as a notebook—the pages do not come apart because it is glued together on one side with natural-colored glue through a meticulous hand-painted process called “Tenori”.

Detach and Use as You Need.

The flexibility of the Refill Memo Pad allows you to use it comfortably as a notepad, while you can freely tear off only what you need for your leather ring binder. Let your ideas and inspiration flow easily in and out of your Leather Binder.

Please note, this is a notebook refill that is sold separately from the PLOTTER leather binder.


  • 80 sheets
  • 60gsm cream Designphil Pocketbook Paper (DP Paper)
  • Mini size measures 5" x 3.15" (127mm x 80mm)
  • Compatible with PLOTTER Mini size 6-Ring Leather Binder and other 6-ring binders

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