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MD Notebook Journal A5 Grid Block

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Chronicle your life your way, with no conventions holding you back. Put your ideas, discoveries and observations on paper, in writing or pictures. Let your journal be the keeper of the things you did today, the things you want to do someday, and your ultimate dreams.

Each page is divided into four sections, with eight sections in a two-page spread. This gives you one there are sections for each day of the week plus one blank section. The grid format helps you design your diarry as you like, whether in pictures, bullet point lists, or graphs. Capture each day in the pages of your own unique journal, and then look back on everything you’ve written and drawn. That's the MD way. 

192 pages.

A5 size | 8.26" x 5.8" x 0.4" | H210×W148×D10mm

Traditional Book Binding

MD Notebooks are created using traditional thread-stitched book-binding methods, with 16 pages of paper folded into a bundle and stitched down the spine.

This book-binding method ensures that the notebook opens evenly and is highly durable. The book-binding method is usually applied in items that are used for a long time, such as pocketbooks and diaries. Midori adopted this method to achieve ultimate writing comfort, ensuring that the notebook opens fully 180 degrees.

Unique Paper Quality

MD Notebooks use MD Cream paper, first created in 2006. The warm color that is easy on the eye is ideally suited to writing with a fountain pen. This paper is designed to provide a fine balance between a slight catch on the paper when writing and a smooth writing feel. With this paper, you can enjoy the sensation of writing.

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