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Grow Shade Garden

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Ideal for first-time gardeners, Grow Shade Garden contains everything you need to create a flourishing garden full of color, texture, and scent in a shady space. Learn how to grow and care for various shade-loving plants with tips on selecting the right site and varieties. Once you understand different types of shade and have assessed your space, select the best plants for your garden with the help of handy directories that profile different shrubs, perennials, bulbs, and trees and provide key growing information. Projects on tree planting, container displays, and creating a fernery also get you started on planting techniques and ideas to make the most of a shaded space.  

With this book, you can find:

  • Fuss-free guide to designing, creating, and maintaining a garden, ideal for first-time gardeners
  • Detailed profiles on shade-loving plants and practical projects accompanying advice on how to assess, design, and maintain your shady space
  • Helpful tips on how to care for your garden to maintain it for longer- including Essential tools, Pruning tips, and clearing mossy paths and patios
  • Images and descriptions of issues that your garden may face and ways you can solve this

Packed with practical, jargon-free know-how, this easy-to-use guide has everything you need to know to help your garden Grow. This useful guide contains images, facts, and information to help you grow a garden that suits your lifestyle. 

144 pages. Softcover. 

About the Author

Zia Allaway is a horticulturalist, editor, and journalist. She writes a regular column on gardeners for Homes & Gardens magazine and has written a range of titles for DK Grow Guides.

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