High & Lonely Incense Ctrl+Alt+Del

High & Lonely Incense Ctrl+Alt+Del

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A solo operation based in Everett, WA, High & Lonely makes high-quality small-batch incense that's more layered and interesting than your usual run of the mill patchouli. Each 6’ stick is made made from bamboo and white joss cedar, and hand-dipped in High & Lonely's own, mindfully and painstakingly sourced essential oil blends. With scents like Winona Forever and Late Checkout, these catchy incense sticks are clever, fragrant, and unforgettable. 

CRTL + ALT + DEL, so named after the iconic keyboard command, features notes of Palo Santo and Cedar. 

30-40 min burn time per stick. 14 sticks per bag. 

No chemical cuts or additives.