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MD A5 Square Notebook Covers

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Suitable for the MD A5 Square Notebooks.

Clear Cover:

This is a clear vinyl cover made especially for MD notebooks. It preserves the minimal appeal of the cover-less MD note, while providing wipe-clean protection against the elements. It adds functionality by providing slip front and back slip pockets, and a pen holder to boot.

Please Note: MD Clear Covers cannot accommodate volumes larger than 0.4" (10mm) in thickness. The pen holder as well has a maximum diameter of 0.4" (10mm).

Paper Hard Cover:

MD's hard cover is made with firm paper.

Enjoy the smooth texture and the way it melds with your hands like tanned leather. Its firm surface makes it easy to write with your MD Notebook on your lap or even while standing, so that you can jot things down anywhere, at any time.

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