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MD Cotton Letter Collection

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A letter is something you send to another person. It is not only the content of the letter, but also the shape and size of the writing and the pressure of the pen that tell the reader about the kind of person you are. This is because, in today’s world when we can communicate digitally in an instant, taking the time to write a letter clearly conveys these other aspects of our personalities.

Midori's MD Cotton letter pad and envelopes seek to help you to express your feelings exactly as you would want them to be expressed. With MD's soft cotton paper, pencil and paint alike spread smoothly. 20% of the material used for MD PAPER Cotton is soft-textured cotton pulp to achieve the best possible comfort when drawing, while its ample margins maximize the texture of the paper itself.

Sold separately.


Letter Pad | 50 sheets | 15 lines (9.5mm) | 8.26" x 2.7" x 0.27" 

MD Letter Pad is not the standard B5 size; it has been designed to Midori's own unique specifications, slightly different from normal. This is because they believe this is the perfect size for letter-writing comfort. 

The ruled lines are just wide enough to let you write with ease and comfort, finished in a format that leaves ample margins to enhance the elegant beauty of your finished letter.

The lines themselves are drawn in a refined light grey that will not intrude on your own writing.


Envelopes | 8 pack | Gummed closure | 8.26" x 6.6" 

As the paper used in MD Notebooks is designed specifically for note taking, it is thin and not best suited for use as an envelope. However, this challenge is solved by creating envelopes using a two-sheet construction, recognizing the need for writing comfort when addressing an envelope.

With this construction, two challenges are solved in one – creating reassuring thickness and also ensuring that the contents of the letter do not show through the envelope.


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