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TRAVELER'S COMPANY added a ring to the end of their BRASS ballpoint pen so that it could be customized with a string or hook. This design feature allows you to carry the pen around on a key ring or hang it on your backpack or belt.

Since people use pens frequently, the rate in which the color and texture of this pen will change the more you use it. This will give the pen a feeling of an old tool that a craftsman has been using for a long time.

This ballpoint pen features a smooth 0.5mm needle point writing tip.

The appearance of brass-based products exude a warmth, and as the surface oxidizes through use, the change in color and texture enriches one’s affection towards the item in your life. Brass is an alloy consisting of bronze and zinc, and has been used in architectures, furniture, and arts and crafts.

The appearance of brass brings you back to old memories and somehow fascinates you deeply. Imagine the beautiful appearance ten years from now. We believe this will make the use of the TRAVELER'S COMPANY BRASS something more exciting.

Measures 0.4" x 3.8" closed, 5.4" long posted.

Refills available here.

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