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Mnemosyne Dot Grid Spiral Notebooks

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Mnemosyne's dot grid notebooks work well with both writing and drawing. Packed with micro-perforated sheets of super smooth 80g/m² paper, the top of each page offers space for title and number. 

Named after the Greek goddess of memory, Mnemosyne series paper goods are tools made for business and creative use. Their sturdy resin covers, double ring binding, and unique, highly functional size and paper design makes for an unparalleled user experience. A staff and customer favorite.

109 A4 Large Size

  • Best size for recording lots of information in large format.
  • 9.25" x 11.7" (235 x 297mm)
  • 70 sheets at 5mm dot grid rule

104 B5 Standard Size

  • Great for note-taking without being too bulky.
  • 7.6" x 10" (192 x 252mm)
  • 80 sheets at 5mm dot grid rule

105 A5 Tablet Size

  • Perfectly sized for commuting just like your favorite tablet.
  • 6.33" x 8.26" (161 x 210mm)
  • 80 sheets at 5mm dot grid rule

 Write. Think. Your work will be more creative. 

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