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mt x minä perhonen Washi Tape Kuro Neko

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An extra wide washi tape roll with a stamp style black cat print. Designed by Japanese fashion brand minä perhonen.

Measures 1.4" width x 33' length (35mm x 10m).

Printed on translucent Japanese rice paper (和紙 washi) Kamoi masking tapes beg to be collected. Just like regular industrial use masking tape, the mt Kamoi brand has a gentle adhesive, allowing it to be applied and reapplied without leaving traces of adhesive or ruining surfaces. Fans and collectors know, there's nothing like the quality of Japan's mt Kamoi brand washi tape.

Have fun customizing notebooks, vases and planters, displaying photos and posters, labeling containers, sealing and decorating letters, packages, and food gifts –– Decorate your life!

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