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TRAVELER'S COMPANY 012 Sketch Paper Notebook

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For all the travelers who have a free spirit.

Please use the TRC 012 sketch paper notebook to do some sketching while traveling. This notebook takes water colored ink beautifully.

There are 48 blank pages and each one is perforated, so once you finished drawing, you can pull of the page and use it as a post card. We would like to suggest a time where you spend time with the paper to draw, just like those days when you were a child. You can reflect back on your past and even realize your new self through this experience.

Please note, this is an accessory notebook that is sold separately from the leather journal itself.

Dimensions: 8.26" x 4.33" x 0.15" (H 210 x W 110 x D 4mm)

Masterfully made in Japan.

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