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Lunch Break

Lunch Break

On a whim I decide to sit and have lunch out.

All I have is my wallet, jacket, and TRAVELER'S notebook.

Most days when I buy lunch at work, I wait around for my order, then go back to eat it.

Today I'm not ready to go back so fast.

The cafe is too inviting.

Quiet and intriguing, with lots of places to sit.

I'm already at a table scribbling ideas as I wait for my meal. A red smoothie and a bahn mi sandwich appear on the counter, thanks to the owner, the only other person in the shop.

Work lately is bustling. Bursting with touch-and-go meetings, tons of projects, and oh—we need a bigger space. Right now this cafe table is giving me a luxurious amount of room to lay my notebooks out and think.

The ambiance is good here.

A regular comes in to grab a drink, banters happily with the owner, nods to me during a bit of conversation, before I smile back and return to my thoughts.

My lunch is good, too. Refreshing and fresh made. Better than I thought—it's brightening my mind.

I've worked jobs where the only place to grab lunch (day after day) is from a national sandwich or donut chain, or the poorly stocked and overpriced vending machine in the company breakroom. It's different, to say the least, when you can get a freshmade meal.

I've only been to this place twice before, but it's comfortable enough to feel like I could be a regular.

I finish my bahn mi and pick up my pen, dismissing the clock in favor of using my smoothie as a timer. When I'm done with that, I'll head back.

Clear headed.

Thanks for that.


The front of Cafe Couleur at the end of winter. In warmer weather, its planters are full of gorgeous blooming plants.
Cafe Couleur is a cozy cafe with stylish and unique decor. It used to be a fashion boutique, but the husband and wife owners realized their dream was to operate a cafe instead. The vibe is cool and easygoing and the menu is simple, focusing on drinks like smoothies (red or yellow), Vietnamese iced coffee drinks, and delicious bahn mi sandwiches (pork or vegan). Our historic Old City neighborhood brims with cafes, but sometimes a comfortable place to sit and write leisurely is lacking. Cafe Couleur does not disappoint in this area, with different styles of tables and chairs throughout. You'll be sure to find an appealing nook to write and recharge.

Good to know: Cafe Couleur is only open weekdays, so if you're visiting on a weekend we recommend Menagerie, which is in our original Recommended Short Trip Guide.

Located at 323 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106
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