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Midori Pulp Storage Pen Case

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Midori's Pulp Storage Pen Cases exhibit the natural color of paper and the plain texture of pulp because they are made from 100% recycled paper. Rare for stationery, utilizing "waste" recycled paper as a material enables a functional, durable design that stands the test of time.

The cases are lightweight with a water repellent finish, and feature considerate design points that allow stacking and multi-purpose use. They look good in the office, and can also serve as stylish room decoration accessories. The case lid can also serve as pencil tray. Because the rubber band fits into the groove on the bottom of the case, the case stays level on the desk. Smart.

Beige is made of recycled cardboard.

Grey is made of recycled newspaper.

Sold individually.

Due to the nature of paper, the color may change if the cases are exposed to direct sunlight. They may become deformed when subjected to excess weight or friction. Please avoid leaving them in a humid place for a long time or getting them wet.

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