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Kaweco Mini Converter

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Kaweco's Mini Converter is a great way to try bottled fountain pen inks. 

It fits a variety of fountain pens that take the international standard short cartridge, such as the Kaweco Sport series. But please note, this converter will not fit into pens such as Kaweco Liliput series or TRAVELER'S Company Brass Fountain Pen, as the interior of the pen does not have sufficient space to fit the converter cartridge in its fully extended position.

To fill:

  • Insert the converter into the back of the nib section the same as you would a standard ink cartridge
  • Dip entire metal part of the nib into your preferred bottle of ink
  • Gently pull or wind back the converter piston
  • The ink should begin to fill into the converter cartridge.
  • You are now ready to reassemble your pen and write!

Please take caution not to overfill/overdraw the converter or you may push excess ink from the nib as you reassemble the pen.

Kaweco is one of the oldest pen brands in the world, founded in 1883 in Nuremburg, Germany and still there today.

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