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Kaweco Sketch Up 5.6mm Clutch Pencils

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The Kaweco Sketch Up clutch pencil stands out due to the heaviness of the barrel and large 5.6mm pencil lead. Contrary to a pencil you have to sharpen, the lead is still easy to write with as it gets shorter. The clutch pencil is frequently used for drawing and sketching, as the width and clarity of the drawn line is variable. More than that, the pencil leads don't break as easily, even though they are 5B and quite soft. 

Its hexagonal barrel prevents rolling from desks and tabletops. A lead sharpener is built in to the cap, which unscrews easily. Lead is dispensed by simple push button clutch mechanism.

Comes loaded with one 5.6mm pencil leads in 5B hardness. 5B lead is super dark, soft, smudgy, and great for sketching.

Available in matte Black or satin Silver finish Aluminum, or Raw Brass. The Raw Brass body in particular is an this eye-catching pencil that will patina with use over time, making it a handsome and truly personalized writing instrument.  

3-piece 5B lead or highlighter trio refill set sold separately.

Measures 4.1" long (103mm) and approximately 0.5" in diameter (15mm)

Designed in the 1930s for "ladies, officers, soldiers and sportsmen" with the goal of having a pen that could be carried easily without a dress pocket, the classic look and feel of Kaweco Sport is irresistible. Kaweco is one of the oldest pen brands in the world, founded in 1883 in Nuremburg, Germany and still there today.

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