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PLOTTER Pueblo Leather Binder

PLOTTER's innovative leather binder system, now at OMOI. Made from authentic Italian Pueblo leather with a brushed finish and dynamic aging that resonates with use. It is paired with gold plating to complement the rustic look and premium feel.

Fully customizable with Memo Pad Refills and accessories for a personalized system that works for you. 

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Pueblo leather surfaces are intentionally buffed to create a natural and rustic look. This process diminishes the natural irregularities and scratches of leather when it is new.

The leather is repeatedly infused with oil in the tanning process to bring out the luster of the material. The result is a ring leather binder with an enticing, genuine leather scent.

The natural finish of the leather is complemented by a golden brass backplate.



The spine of the book is strained and shaved meticulously to make it easy to open and close. Since the leather is genuine, the density of the transition varies depending on parts of the leather.

The thickness of the leather can vary from piece to piece because the craftsmen are making the products one by one according to the condition of the leather.

The light and dark markings on the reverse side are evidence that each piece is carefully crafted and authentic.



PLOTTER employs the highest quality Italian craftsmanship to create a single piece of leather with even thickness.

To keep the beauty of the leather as even as possible on the surface and on the underside, the craftsmen repeatedly insert a skiving blade and carefully shave off the leather pile by hand.


The process of creating Pueblo leather was pioneered by long-established tannery BADALASSI CARLO in Tuscany, Italy to fully utilize and honor the animal and leather by-product in this craft.

Pueblo leather is made from the rare shoulder leather of a cow, which is creatively transformed into one of the most unique textures you'll ever feel.

Each Pueblo binder comes with a certificate of quality. The tag, issued by the Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Association, guarantees that the leather is vegetable-tanned without the use of chemicals.

Savor the unique markings of authentic leather

Pueblo leather is developed to embrace the irregularities, wrinkles, and scratches that occur naturally on genuine leather. In fact, PLOTTER purposefully retains the individual differences in each binder to show the innate character and charm of leather as a material.

We hope you will enjoy the unique characters of your ring leather binder, including its original flaws, and the way it changes over time.


Pueblo leather requires no special maintenance. The leather absorbs the natural oil from your hand through frequent handling. Just apply light brushing to remove dust on the surface is sufficient.

For a true shine, brush the leather with its own dedicated brush made of horse or pig bristles, or wipe it dry with a soft cloth to remove surface dust. To keep the leather supple, apply a small amount of leather cream and lightly buff the surface with a brush and clean cloth.