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Midori Chiratto Clip Ruler Cat

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Calling all fine-tip writers! Enjoy decorating your daily diary or planner with cats cats cats. Easily draw cats in various poses, daily cat-mood icons, and mark guidelines with this ultra-low profile clip ruler. It features guide slits for drawing straight lines at equal intervals of 5 mm / 7 mm, convenient for adding ruled lines of the same length!

The 0.3mm profile of the clip ruler supports notebooks with three functions: unobtrusive bookmarker, 10cm ruler, and drawing template. The template is designed for writing with 0.5mm tip ballpoint pens and pencils and finer, as larger size pen tips will not fit. We think it still makes a beautiful and useful bookmark and straight edge, regardless. Made of slim and durable brass, the stylish design makes the most of the texture of metal.